"A connector, engaged -- in touch with people, community, and current culture, from the arts to politics.”

​Empathetic and an outward focus …

Jim Hinkle, Founder & Executive Director, Two Cor

“Excellent communication skills laced with a wonderful sense of humor. Laser-precision attention to detail. Empathetic and an outward focus that is felt immediately, plus the ability to take a macro view of situations and give the a micro touch.”

Susan Metzger

… balances and tempers input.

What Others Say About Working With Kady:

“Kady can see the world through many lenses. This rare balance prepares her to make sound judgments and stay the course in challenging situations. Her command of the English language rivals the best … a unique voice, which is unteachable.”

"Finds the golden nuggets of truth. Can analyze to extract the core issue. A quick and curious mind.”

 “Kady has a way of offering a different view, lifting up to a better vantage point, to see things from 30,000 feet. She finds a way to understand the place where the other person stands ... their roadblocks, or vision blocks, and can vocalize their position with incredible accuracy.“

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“Kady’s presence gives strength and focus to the conversation. She takes the long view on projects, keeping the end in mind, even as the niggling details of the moment demand attention.”

“Able to weave story line into daily events … knows and remembers people and their story, and recounts them with grace and generosity.”

A connector, engaged ...

Lynn Ellen Vergis

“Absolutely awesome at engaging people of all ages; truly listens, listens, listens. Eloquently puts forward an analysis, a viewpoint, an argument that is clearly thought out, supported by facts, intellectually sound, details always in place.”

“Keeps a sharp eye on task management, organization and long term planning; balances and tempers input along the way, with great listening skills.”

Eryn Taylor, Ranch Foods Direct

Tracy Brogan

... a "game changer" for my organization.

“Layers her message with honesty and empathy to engage her audience and spur action. She is like the perfect blend of Mary Poppins and Kurt Cobain.”  

Sarah Ryals, Chapel Hills Mall

Lisa Shimek, Sysco Food Systems

“Amazing eloquence combined with creativity. Kady has a natural and intuitive understanding of both audience and subject, which makes her writing accessible and impactful. She has the ability to cut to the core essence of the situation in a succinct and unique way. Truly multi-dimensional writing and communication talents – a linear plane for business and compliance to structure, deadlines etc. and the intersecting dimensions that are home to creativity and intuition.”

​“Kady sincerely values people. She is an excellent communicator. Be it a one-paragraph memo or a long section of narrative, her message points are clear, concise, on-point … and well-written without being verbose. This skill also extends to verbal communication. She speaks to her audience, individually or large group and is mindful of the words she chooses to make sure her message is understood.”

... a fantastic editor.

A quick and curious mind.

"We reached out to Kady when we were in a tight spot and in quick need of some expert copywriting on a marketing brochure.  Although Kady was not too familiar with our organization, she quickly grasped the big picture about what we needed; in just a few days, she had captured our message, tone and intent perfectly. We were very pleased with the end product. Kady is a pleasure to work with, very professional and very good at what she does."

… takes the long view …

Diana Hanrahan

Christy LeLait, El Paso County Democrats

Sally Broomfield, Property Manager

 “Kady is a fantastic editor, and writes with flair and imagination. Great command of language, plus a good marketing sensibility, able to grasp a marketing objective and create a compelling promotional concept toward it.”

“An extraordinary talent to take very complex conversations from various people in different industries and backgrounds, and a lot of different moving parts … and articulate, quite accurately and very succinctly, to unify everyone at the table in order to move forward. It is indeed a rare skill. Deep insight.”

Sarah Hogan, St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School

… introduced a new level of quality for the organization.

... a strong collaborator.

… synthesizes viewpoints to more fully articulate original concept.

Nancy Goudy

… probes, listens and summarizes.

… captured our message, tone and intent perfectly.

“Kady is a creative visionary and by that I mean that she had a very clear vision of what the look, the feel of the end-product was going to be, and stayed true to that vision. Her attention to the "little" pieces, the details … together created an outcome that introduced a new level of quality for the organization.”

Moragh LeGallais

Deep insight … to unify everyone at the table in order to move forward.

Able to weave story line into daily events.

Kevin White, Slaggie Architects

(719) 247-2787     •     kady@kadyhommel.com

Have a question, or a project to discuss? Contact Kady here.

Carolyn Cathey, Carolyn Cathey Real Estate

DeeAnn Rothstein, Colorado Springs Science Center

Sally Davis, Colorado Springs Public Market

 “Kady has been instrumental in articulating and condensing a vast amount of complex information about my organization into a succinct, refreshing and professional narrative. In our third year collaborating on TwoCor’s signature fundraising event, she continues to write to massage the message for continued quality improvement each time we develop the necessary marketing pieces.  She demonstrated a unique ability to listen and engage me and the vision for my non-profit within the context of a larger community-centered event.  Her efforts have been at the foundation of our significant increase in visibility in the Colorado Springs community. She has played the key role in what can only be seen as a “game changer” for my organization.  She brings a can-do attitude and has been a great team player with the volunteer committee.”

… layers her message with honesty and empathy.

"Articulate. Creative. Thinks outside the box."

 “Kady has excellent communication skills – both oral and written, and always a good grasp of her audience. Probes, listens and summarizes – and can compartmentalize without losing the big picture.”                                           

Dawn Rickert

Kimberley Sherwood, Third Sector Group

Robin Johnson

Enough already – is it time to elevate your copy?

Contact Kady here to get started.

... an excellent communicator.

Listens with acuity, and synthesizes viewpoints to more fully articulate original concept. Translation into more concrete language has clarified Board discussions many times. We have several times reached more thoughtful decisions because of Kady’s analysis.

​“Strong collaborator who focuses well on the big picture … good presentation and writing skills, plus a finely tuned sense of nuance.”

Truly multidimensional writing and communication talents.

Content, Elevated

… truly listens, listens, listens.

… finds a way to understand roadblocks.


Her command of the English language rivals the best.

Kathleen Shannon, Calgary Board of Education

Articulate and creative.

Clear, persuasive communication to grow your business.