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My intent is, quite simply, to delight you with effective content that will bring you more, and more aligned customers to grow your business. And to serve you in a way that is swift, seamless and free of stress. If this sounds like a plan, contact me here to get started.

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"Kady has been instrumental in articulating and condensing a vast amount of complex information about my organization into a succinct, refreshing and professional narrative ... She has played the key role in what can only be seen as a "game changer for my organization."

Jim Hinkle


How I Tell Your Story

When you consider a project with a freelancer, you like to know how the work flows, and how to make a quick start a successful one. Here’s how I get down to the business of telling your story:

  1. I ask you for anything and everything from your company, hard copy or soft, that involves the project at hand. This includes current and past sales material, direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, event announcements, etc. Internal memos, if they can be shared, can also be enlightening about the original vision for a project. Also, your references to competitive products. And I say “ask” – I’ll take what’s available, and fill in the blanks.
  2. I dig in to go through this information, and do my own research to understand the competitive landscape. If it’s feasible, I’ll “buy and try.” I take notes in a master Word document, to keep track of key ideas, sources and links.
  3. I keep a separate Word document to note questions as I go along. I’ll organize these questions to send back for you to respond; sometimes it makes sense to get responses from more than one person at your company. Your responses (and the source) go into the master notes.
  4. I’ll write a content brief (or platform) describing the angle or theme of the promotion and the basis for connecting with the target audience. This is to check in with you, to ensure we’re heading in the right direction. (If there is scope to split-test, I’ll briefly describe the options and make that recommendation. Whether to do so is, of course, completely at your discretion.)
  5. After tweaking the content brief if necessary, and getting your blessing on it, I settle in to write. Iwork through several drafts before sharing it with you.
  6. Your comments are welcome in any format – electronic file with notes and revisions or scanned hard copy, with your hand-written mark-up. The “Track Changes” feature in MS Word works well as a tool to keep all feedback together in one document, and it offers good scope for comments, especially if there is more than one reviewer.
  7. Speaking of reviewers, I’m not revealing a radical secret when I suggest “fewer are better.” If you anticipate more than two or three reviewers, I would be happy to discuss steps to ensure that important feedback gets captured, even as we pursue an efficient process.
  8. I revise the copy until you are happy with it. If I have a concern about a specific edit or change request, I’ll offer it constructively, and then readily move on in accordance with your final direction.
  9. I welcome a chance to provide input on the promotion in layout form. I’ll review how the components are placed, and offer any thoughts to ensure the design is as effective as it can be.
  10. Per standard industry practice, the final responsibility to check and proof all copy, design and production elements remains with you.
  11. I appreciate being kept in the loop about results. If I’m earning a royalty on the roll-out, I may be able to suggest test ideas or improvements (at no charge) to maximize response (while maintaining our copy as the control, of course.)