You mention “copy review & optimization” on your services listing. What’s that?

I’ve been writing to reach customers, or managing the marketing dance, for twenty-five years. Aside from writing seamless, professional copy across many formats, the real gift I bring to the table is a clear eye about what the reader needs to know in order to see herself in your picture.

I craft messages that paint those postcard pictures. Messages that invite readers to dream themselves into the picture, inspire confidence that they belong there … and provide conviction for their buying decision.

In more formal terms, my qualifications include a B.A. in English, and an M.B.A., with experience along the way in sales, marketing management, and freelance marketing communications. I’m completing the Accelerated Copywriting program with AWAI (American Writers & Artists), widely recognized in the direct response industry as the premier copywriting course for persuasive writing.

What this means to my clients is that while I harness the power of language to fuel the sales machine and generate response, I’m adept at understanding, and responding to their greater business context. ​​

I welcome all kinds of newsletter assignments – e-newsletters or print – as well as web site content, email campaigns, direct mail packages, postcards, catalog copy and brochures. I write articles, advertorials and blog posts that support engagement and sales outreach.​

Starting with your deadline and any known constraints on your end and mine, I’ll propose a schedule for drafts, revisions, and delivery of your final file. The actual amount of time will depend on the nature of the assignment.

I revise the copy until you are happy with it. If I have a pause or concern about a specific edit or change request, I’ll respond constructively, and then readily move on in accordance with your final direction.

 Because I understand the psychology of persuasion, my experience can enrich your marketing. I craft messages to attract, inspire and motivate your prospects … allowing them to see your solution in their picture, but even more, helping them anticipate the satisfaction of their problem, well solved.

I welcome opportunities to consult on marketing strategy and planning, and come fully equipped to build out a full-fledged marketing plan.

Find testimonials about my writing, and about how I work to support my clients' success, here.

A copy audit is a systematic review of your existing material (online, email or print) to assure that foundational elements for persuasion are in place. It would offer suggestions, if applicable, of how to strengthen the message, boost urgency, improve clarity ... and ensure consistency.

Chances are, if “copy optimization” caught your eye, you may have questions about whether your copy is working hard enough for you. A copy review is a fast, easy and inexpensive way to see how I approach the work.

Here's a link to a small selection of my writing samples. Please get in touch with me here if you are looking for something specific, or if you have a spec project you would like me to consider.

​The answer, of course, varies with the actual scope of what you need. To request my information packet, which includes a schedule of estimated investment for various services, please give me a call or shoot me an email. With an understanding of what's needed, I'll be happy to provide you with a proposal that includes a quote.

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 “Kady is a fantastic editor, and writes with flair and imagination. Great command of language, plus a good marketing sensibility, able to grasp a marketing objective and create a compelling promotional concept toward it.”



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