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About Kady

Kady grew up in western Canada, in the oil-happy city of Calgary. Calgary was a magnet for interesting people from all over the country, and all over the world, who came to join an economy that offered great opportunity. Her father was one of them, arriving for a job but staying because of the unbeatable outdoor lifestyle in the Rocky Mountain west – which he shared early and often with his family.

In school in the city, or out on the trails, Kady heard many languages, and learned stories of change and loss only a generation past, cementing her belief in human resilience, resourcefulness and the power of thinking big. She also came to appreciate the one “sure cure” when things aren’t working – get outside and work up a sweat, and clarity often follows.

 Shifting east to attend university, she experienced the very real differences in culture and attitude, even within one country. She began to understand how to acknowledge and appreciate other perspectives. As a footloose traveler after graduation, she gained an expanded world view from daily cross-cultural encounters … and as an observer by nature, found her take-away for the long-term: listen and look first, and be sensitive to how one’s presence registers.

After a brief, early stint in financial services, Kady worked in sales, marketing communications and marketing management. No matter where she was, she felt the tug of the written word. She wanted to say it better, make the words work harder. Do more to raise the brand and set it apart.

Stepping aside from management, she experienced what she likes to call a “moment of clarity” … which was that she would much rather contribute directly, as a writer, than as a manager.

Since then, she’s written newsletters, e-newsletters, ad copy, magazine content, appeal letters, event promotions, fundraising packages and more.

She excels at taking the complex, and making it simple … or at the very least, accessible. Taking beige, and give it some appealing undertones. Taking smart, and making the reader feel the same way. Always with intent to connect, inspire and motivate.

A resident of Colorado since 1999, Kady draws constant inspiration from the ever-changing vistas of Pikes Peak, and counts the region’s 300+ days of sunshine as her lifeline. Family and four felines provide a measure of healthy distraction – and when the work is done, you’ll find her on the trail … or chasing perfection in the kitchen. Primed for the next adventure, large or small.

Kady would love to hear about the next stories in your pipeline, and help you reach the people who should be part of them. Here's how to find her:

(719) 247-2787


Her perspective ...

Her perspective ...

“It’s all about finding ways to connect with your target audience – on their terms – and keeping a tight focus on their needs, and what moves them to engage. In a message-saturated world, I aim to make your communication a gift, not an obligation.”  

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How She Got to Copywriting

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“Your customers cross the threshold for a lot of reasons. My goal is to get them there, of course, but more importantly – offer them a story they can identify with, that allows them see themselves in your picture.”